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"With over 14 years experience as an independent mortgage broker, Karin has established a great network of banks/lenders that automatically extend to her, their very best mortgage products and interest rates, some of which are not available at a branch or to the public when shopping for a mortgage. You get top notch service, personal attention, and the best part? Her services are fully covered by the bank when the mortgage is funded.

She offers all her clients on-going mortgage support/advice for as long as
they have a mortgage and is quick to act when she sees an opportunity for
her clients such as refinancing them into lower rates or helping them when they need to consolidate some debts or take equity out for other purposes.

Working in tandem with Richard, Karin is part of your "team" of professionals that pulls it all together for you when you are buying real estate and need to know that all your options have been sourced and your needs are put first. Often misunderstood or underestimated, having a team with a great realtor, great mortgage broker, home inspector and Notary or Lawyer makes a world of difference to the type of experience you will have when buying your property. This positive experience has resulted in many happy clients over the years that do not hesitate to refer Karin and Richard to those they know when they too are about to embark on a home buying journey.

Let us make your experience a 'positive' and have our team work for you!"

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